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The data controller is Fattoria Sella Nera di Joseph Vincent Anza with registered office in Montepulciano (SI), Via di Gracciano nel Corso no. 73 (hereinafter “Senera” or also the “Holder”).

This policy will explain the types of cookies that may be installed through the Site, their characteristics, the duration of processing, and the rights that may be asserted by users.

Cookies are small text files that websites visited by the user send to the user’s terminal, where they are stored and then transmitted back to the same sites the next time the same user visits.

Cookies can be installed:

  • directly from the owner or manager of the site visited by the user (so-called first-party cookies);
  • by third parties other than the owner or manager of the site visited by the user (so-called third-party cookies).

Information collected through first-party cookies is stored by the operator of the site the user visited, while information collected through third-party cookies is stored by the third parties themselves.

Cookies are used for different purposes (such as, e.g., performing computer authentication, session tracking, etc.) and, based on the purpose pursued by an owner, it is possible to distinguish them into different categories.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those that allow normal navigation of a site as well as the proper functioning of the site. Since they enable activities that are essential for optimal use of the site, they have the function of facilitating users’ consultation of the site. They are not used for any further purposes and are normally installed directly by the owner or operator of the website. They can be divided into:

  • Browsing or session cookies: ensure normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or authenticate to access restricted areas);
  • analytics cookies: are used to collect information on site usage and can be assimilated to technical cookies where they are used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site;
  • Functionality cookies: they allow the user to navigate according to a set of selected criteria (e.g. language) in order to improve the service rendered to the user.

The use of such cookies (first- or third-party) is essential for the proper functioning of a website and services related to the same sites (e.g. login or access to restricted functions in the sites).

Users’ prior consent is not required for the installation of such cookies.

Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles related to the user who visits the site and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user as part of web browsing.

Prior consent of the data subject is required for the use of profiling cookies.

Senera uses technical cookies in order to make its users’ browsing and shopping experience simple and efficient.

The use of such cookies is necessary for Senera as it is functional to allow you to enjoy the content of the Website and App (for example, to store user preferences regarding “login” so that you are not required to enter your email and password each time you visit the Website again). As such, Senera will use technical cookies to ensure the proper performance of the service in accordance with Art. 6(1)(b) of the Regulations.

Cookie List

Type nomenclature retention time information captured by cookies.

Technical cookies

acceptCookies 6 months

appMobileSource 6 months

shippingCountry 6 months

currency 6 months

anonymousId 6 months

utmMedium 6 months

utmSource 6 months

utmCampaign 6 months

utmName 6 months

utmTerm 6 months

utmContent 6 months

utmCountry 6 months

referer 6 months

refererCategory 6 months

refererName 6 months

refererExists 6 months

ctk 6 months

reservedModeEnabled 6 months

idsu 6 months

popupEnterEmailDon’tShowMore 6 months

popupInsertEmailShown 6 months

popupInsertEmailSubmittedLastDate 6 months

Through browsing the Site and App, third-party cookies may be issued. Specifically, such cookies are issued by:

Google Analytics –

Google Adwords –

Facebook –

Outbrain –

Criteo –

Kelkoo –

Microsoft –

Trustpilot –

The data and information acquired through first-party cookies may be communicated to the entities Senera uses to perform activities related to the management of the various features of the site.

These individuals will process the data as Data Processors.

Please be advised that, in accordance with current regulations, you have the following rights:

  • To request and obtain confirmation as to whether or not Senera is processing your data and, if applicable, to access that data and information about it;
  • Request the transfer of such data to another data controller;
  • To request and obtain modification or supplementation of your data;
  • Request and obtain the deletion – and/or restriction of processing – of your data if it is not necessary – or no longer necessary – in relation to the purposes for which it was collected.

The above rights may be exercised by you consistent with the type of information acquired through cookies.

You have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority if you feel you have not received a satisfactory response from Senera regarding your rights or if you believe there has been a violation of your rights.

To exercise the above rights and request information you can write to Fattoria Sella Nera di Joseph Vincent Anza, Via di Gracciano nel Corso no. 73 – 53045 – Montepulciano (SI), or by PEC:

To revoke consent to the use of one or more third-party profiling cookies you can:

Link you to the third-party links in Sec. 5 above;


Please refer to the general privacy policy for the full information on data processing by Senera provided for under Art. 13 of the Regulations.

This page is visible by means of links at the bottom of all pages of the Site and App pursuant to Art. 122(2) of the Privacy Code.

This cookie policy is provided pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter the “Regulation”) and in compliance with Article 122 of Legislative Decree. n. 196/2003 – Code on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter the “Privacy Code”), as well as the General Provisions of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data no. 229 of May 8, 2014 and no. 231 of June 10, 2021 regarding cookies to users of (hereinafter the “Site”).

Please note that this policy does not refer to the use of cookies on third-party sites to which you may be directed through links within our Site.


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